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Steve McQueens Ferrari For Sale!

On-screen, Steve McQueen was a bad ass. But unlike most other tough-guy actors, he was also a bad ass when the cameras werent rolling. His driving skill and love of auto racing were legendary, and he was known to turn doughnuts in the parking lot of his local police precinct—just so he could run from the cops. Need an illustration of how cool "the King of Cool" was? This Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso was his "everyday, runaround car." Its up for sale now, and if youve got 1.5 million bucks laying around, Id recommend picking it up.

The Getaway)treasured Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso is scheduled to go under the hammer at the Christie’s Auction in August.

A car that in real life excited the star, is beyond this pauper’s income. But thoughts of slamming the pedal to the floor, inducing sudden waves of adrenalin melding with the mighty roar of the Ferrari engine still make for a paramount, high octane, testosterone charged fantasy.

It may not be the Shelby GTO Mustang Fastback from Bullitt which is John Doe’s dream piece of movie memorabilia, but this is still a serious collector’s item.
"Its probably the best example of a Ferrari Lusso thats out there on the marketplace. Owned by a man who made the automobile and hard driving an essential component of cool in the 60s and 70s, this Lusso offers a truly unique opportunity for the collector." - Christopher Sanger: Spokesman for Christies Auctions

Behind his eyes there is an inner turmoil and unyielding drive to succeed. Preferring to cut out his own dialogue and convey more through a gesture or stillness than he could with words.

This tough guy onscreen was a force of nature off camera too. Fuelled by a competitive, reckless need to prove himself, McQueen became the accomplished pilot to all variety of vehicles with two or four wheels and later wings too.

Steve McQueens Ferrari
The Thomas Crown Affair is based on me
As the biggest star of the time his vast wealth was parlayed into one of the most envied automotive collections in history. Steve had a legendary reputation for excessive speed and did a lot of his own driving stunts in films like Bullitt, Le Mans and The Great Escape.

He competed professionally on dirt bikes and also placed 2nd in the gruelling Le Man’s 24 hour race, later making a film about the experience.

John Doe thinks there is something unique about owning a car of Steve McQueen’s because of his sincere understanding for the essence of driving high performance cars beyond their limits.

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