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What's with Those Noisy Lights?
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Ontario link 1
What's With Those Noisy Lights? by: News Canada (NC)óNot too long ago, you hopped in your car and turned the key. A couple of lights flashed for a second, the motor started and you were ready to go....
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Consider Fuel Efficiency When Buying a Car
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Alabama When you need to buy your next automobile make sure that fuel economy doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Buying a compact car with good gas mileage is both friendly to the environment and your pocket bo...
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After The Sale
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California Enjoy your car... that's simple huh? Well it's not really that simple. Here is a list of things to think about after the sale. <ul> <li>Notify your insurance agent about the new car. ...
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For an SUV and a VW, Touareg is luxurious
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Pennsylvania link 1
link 2
The show inside the interior of my car last week was pretty eye-catching. Light frolicked off the gleaming chrome surrounding deep-set dashboard gauges that look like expensive European watches. So...
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How Hybrid Cars Work
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Alabama link 1
Have you pulled your car up to the gas pump lately and been shocked by the high price of gasoline? As the pump clicked past 20 or 30, maybe you thought about trading in that SUV for something that get...
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Is Bigger Safer? It Ain't Necessarily So
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Michigan link 1
link 2
Those who think that driving big is driving safe, or that lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles are inherently more dangerous than their heavyweight counterparts, need to think again. A researcher with...
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Ten Basic Rules
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Liguria link 1
link 2
link 3
Kids 12 and under should ALWAYS ride in the back seat. This cuts their risk of death by 36. Kids should be in a carseat or booster until they can be seated properly in a seatbelt. For most kid...
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